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Healthy smiles for life...

For a dentist clinic in London Ontario offering family dentistry and emergency dental appointments, call 519-660-4337 today!

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The team at Expressions Dental Centre is headed up by London Ontario dentists Dr. Khaled Khorshed and Dr. Marwa Hamam, both graduates of the University of Alexandria. Dr. Khorshed continued his studies in Canada and graduated from the University of Manitoba as a Doctor of Dental Medicine. Having done his residency in Manitoba, he moved to London, Ontario in 2005 and established his private practice at Expressions Dental Centre.

Of course he is a member of the variety of professional associations to which most dentists belong. He continues to take advanced training, as well as teaching dental students at Western. What sets Dr. Khoshed apart from many other dentists is the way he manages to ensure that his patients are comfortable and relaxed as they undergo his high level of care.

At our modern, welcoming dental clinic, we offer the services you and your family need to help maintain optimal oral health. Our care services include the whole family, starting with your young children all the way up to seniors. We make visits fun for the kids, because it's critical to start off on the right foot caring for brand new teeth, and developing good habits for the permanent ones that will follow. We want to set your children up for their best chance at a lifetime of good oral health. No matter whether you are coming to see us for your child's semi-annual cleaning, a whitening procedure for yourself, or denture care for your mom, we promise a positive experience. Book your appointment today.

If you have a dental emergency, don't hesitate! Please call us immediately at 519-660-4337. If you're not sure if it's an emergency, call us anyway. It is always better to err on the side of caution where the teeth are involved, as delaying treatment can lead to further problems, and long-term issues including the loss of permanent teeth. If we act quickly, it is often possible to mitigate the effects of an injury. The goal is always to save the natural teeth, and we have the best chance of doing so if we can advise you right away. We'll be happy to talk with you and recommend your best course of action.

Before London dentists Dr. Marwa Hamam and Dr. Khaled Khorshed joined forces at Expressions Dental Centre, they studied dentistry together, first at the University of Alexandria and then at the University of Manitoba. They are both now very pleased to be living and working in London, Ontario, where they are able to continue upgrading their skills as well as passing on their knowledge to prospective dentists. Dr. Hamam enjoys working in private practice, for the satisfaction she gets from establishing long-term relationships with her patients and their growing families, and knowing that her patients are receiving the highest quality care.

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. And a beautiful smile is easy to achieve and more affordable than ever! If you are finding that your teeth aren't as bright as you'd like, or you're noticing the little imperfections that you used to ignore, is it beginning to have a negative impact on your confidence? Do you find that you don't smile as broadly as you used to, or you cover your mouth when you smile? Are you hiding behind someone else when a camera is pointed your way? It's time to see us for a consultation. We have at our disposal an amazing variety of cosmetic dentistry options that will restore your teeth, and your smile. From simple whitening procedures to crowns, veneers, Invisalign and more - schedule an appointment to learn what's right for you.

There are typically four major stages we all go through in terms of dental health. Starting in childhood, even before we have our permanent teeth, is the first time in our lives for visiting a dentist on a regular basis, learning about the proper hygiene that's necessary in between visits, and establishing a relationship with someone who may well be a part of our lives for many years to come. The second stage through which we pass in terms of dental health is in our teenage years when growing and changing bodies often mean issues with alignment of teeth, and subsequently, orthodontic treatment. The third major stage in the life cycle of our teeth and gums is adulthood, when we can start to see some of the impact that aging has on our oral health such as tooth sensitivity, staining, receding gums, and for many people, it's the right time to schedule some cosmetic procedures that provide a confidence-boosting beautiful smile. And finally, the fourth stage is dealing with our teeth and gums as seniors, which may involve periodontics or dentures.

At any stage of your life, the dentists at Expresssions Dental Care are here to offer exceptional care that focuses on you, and achieving your healthy, beautiful smile.

Our dental office is conveniently located on Fanshawe Park Road near Masonville Place in North London. We invite you to stop by our office, call us, or use the online form to schedule your next appointment and meet our dentists, or discuss your dental care needs.

If you need emergency care, please call immediately: 519-660-4337.

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